My Favourite Mobile Apps To Create Content

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Creating content requires a lot of work and you need to love it to get the best results. However, there are so many tools you can use to make your life easier and create outstanding aesthetic..

Every time I meet someone who’s trying to grow their brand or business through Instagram, they ask me the same question: What App do you use to edit your photos? What App do you use to create fun stories? etc

That’s why I decided to write this post for all of you :)

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a free mobile app that allows you to edit your photos on the go.

If you love using filters, you can create your own combination of colours, your own mood and edit your photos as you like. Then, you save the edits to repeat them on your next post.

These edits are called Presets!

If you want to get my upcoming presets click here and I'll keep you updated:


I really like VSCO, I think this app is very versatile and has many pre-made filters you can use to get the right mood on your feed.

This app is free but if you do pay the upgrade, you’ll find many may filter options to choose from.

I particularly like the mood that VSCO’s presents have.

Photoshop Fix

I use this app when I have to fix minor photo issues such as unwanted objects in the background.

It’s a very simple version of Photoshop and very user friendly, you will know what to do as soon as you see the tabs and adjustments options.


When it comes to IG Stories, I usually keep it simple. But when I do want to add some layers or design, I’ll definitely go with Unfold.

It has many templates to choose from and they’re really nice if you like the simple touch on your stories.


I’m UNUM’s number one Fan!

This app has saved me when I have to plan my feed’s aesthetic. I’m obsessed with it because it lets me move all my photos around and see which ones work better together.

Once you feel they’re all set, you post them on Instagram.


I remember trying this app for the first time in 2009 or 2010 while I was working as an intern in Venevision!

I thought it was amazing and I’m surprised to see they’re still around.

If you want to avoid rushing and getting the blanks, start scheduling your Social Media content.

Hootsuite allows you to create, manage and schedule your content. You can work on different platforms in the same screen.

Also, you can track your progress

I still use it and I still love it!

I hope this helped you a little bit, feel free to ask me any questions :)



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