Consistency is key on Instagram

Consistency is key, have you heard this before?

Like in any other life's aspect, if you work hard and you are consistent, you will get better results.

This applies to Instagram as well. If you’re really serious about growing your brand, you need to understand that keeping your clients “entertained” is a must!

Your followers want to see your content, that’s basically the reason why they hit the follow button in the first place.

Your job is to create great content that they will enjoy and find valuable. If you do so, you gain their trust and they’ll be happy to interact with you or even recommend your product/services to someone else.

Keep it coming!!

The more you post, the more engagement you will get!

Some posts will have more engagement than others and that’s the best way to understand your client and use it to your advantage. After testing your content, you can finally create material that they will not only engage but LOVE!!!

I will recommend you to post daily, you will have more chances to get discovered by new followers. It also keeps your current clients interested.

3 Tips to keep consistency

  1. Plan your content in advance by creating an Editorial Calendar

  2. Keep your brand content aligned by using the same colour palette, fonts and tone of voice

  3. Post daily to get more exposure

EXTRA TIP: reply to every interaction you get on Instagram to keep your followers motivated

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